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Commercial Document Drying

10/15/2019 (Permalink)

Did you know that SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties offers commercial dry cleaning services as well?

In the event that your important documents end up wet during a flood or storm event in your home or business we can help dry them so that you can retain all important information! 

Documents are frozen and shipped to our corporate offices in Tennessee where they are placed in a drying chamber where four different drying services are used.  Vacuum Freeze Drying, Gamma Irradiation, Digitizing, and Certified Destruction. The entire process usually takes between 7-10 days depending on the severity of the damage.

We can also digitize all documents so that you no longer need to worry about losing important documents due to water damage. If you need documents dried call SERVPRO® of Cape May & Cumberland Counties at 609-624-0202.

Don't be the 50%!

10/14/2019 (Permalink)


As many as 50% of businesses may never recover following a disaster, according to the latest industry research. Of the businesses that survive, the overwhelming majority of them had a preparedness plan in place. Pre-planning can serve as an insurance policy aimed at peace of mind.

SERVPRO® of Cape May & Cumberland Counties is here to let you know that when disaster strikes, you can be READY and not be ruined!

The Best Way to Reduce Business Interruption Following a Disaster is to Plan For it NOW.

By developing a SERVPRO® Emergency READY Profile™ for your business, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action. Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business.

The SERVPRO® Emergency READY Profile™ is a start-up approach that provides the critical information needed to begin mitigation and recovery services. It is designed to serve as a quick reference of important building and contact information. By working with SERVPRO’s Emergency READY™ Profile, your business will receive the benefit of over 40 years of experience in reducing the impact of any natural or man-made disaster. SERVPRO® is a leader in water and fire damage response and can help you quickly get your property back in working order.

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile™ Advantage:

  • A no cost assessment of your facility
  • A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency
  • A guide to help you get back into your building following your disaster
  • Provides facility details such as shot-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

Contact us Today to Get Started! Call a Franchise Professional at 609-624-0202 or EMAIL us at your convenience!

Keep Fall Fire-Free!

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

October is Fire Prevention Month, and we'll be sharing educational information to help you "KEEP FALL FIRE-FREE."

Cooler temperatures and beautiful colors define the beginning of the Fall season. And with an abundance of outdoor family activities, it's a good idea to plan ahead to make sure your Fall is Fire-Free.

Fall decorations, like dried flowers and cornstalks, are highly flammable. Be sure to keep these decorations away from any open flames, including light bulbs and heaters, which are other heat sources.

Keep emergency exits of your home or business clear of decorations so nothing blocks escape routes.

Teach your children to always stay away from open flames. Be sure they know how to stop, drop, and roll if their clothing catches fire.

When choosing a Halloween costume, remember that safety should be your first priority. Consider avoiding billowing fabric. If you are making your costume, choose material that won’t easily catch fire if it comes into contact with heat or a flame. Some of the most flammable fabrics in your home include linen, cotton, rayon, and all light fabrics which allow oxygen to circulate more freely through their fibers.

It is safest to use a flashlight or battery-operated candle in a jacko-lantern. Use extreme caution if using a real candle. Place lit pumpkins away from anything that can burn and out of the way of doorsteps, walkways, and yards.

Stay safe this Fall and stay tuned for the next article in our "Fire Prevention Month" series, "Plan and Practice Your Escape!"

This information is provided by the National Fire Protection Association,

SERVPRO Cleaning Services - Now is the Time!

10/1/2019 (Permalink)

The 2019 Fall Season is Near - NOW is the Time to Sell Your Home Before the Holidays!

Now is the Time To:

  • CLEAN your property for top showing conditions
  • ELIMINATE ODORS and reduce allergens
  • IMPROVE the operating efficiency of the HVAC unit
  • CONTROL moisture
  • REDUCE mold

Our professional cleaning services help the residential or commercial property owner take the worry out of preparing for the season. It's not clean until it's SERVPRO clean!


Duct & HVAC Cleaning

Carpet & Upholstery

Odor Removal & Deodorization

Ceiling, Floor, & Wall Cleaning

Drapes & Blinds Cleaning

We serve all communities in Cape May and Cumberland Counties. Call 609-624-0202 to speak to a Franchise Professional and schedule your cleaning service today!

What's a Puff Back?

9/30/2019 (Permalink)

If you use an oil furnace, it’s important to know about the risk of puff backs.

Essentially, furnace puff backs occur when burners do not ignite on start-up, causing excess oil fumes to combust. This reaction produces a great deal of smoke that causes soot to spread throughout the property.

When this happens, SERVPRO® of Cape May & Cumberland Counties recommends acting fast to protect your health and your belongings from smoke damage. To help you stay prepared, we highlight a few do’s and don’ts to follow when you experience a furnace puff back:


Protect your belongings.

Soot can spread quickly, so you’ll need to act fast to keep it from setting on your belongings. If you have a forced air system, tape cheesecloth over the vents to help keep particles from coming through the ducts. You can also place towels over carpets, rugs, and upholstery to provide a protective barrier.

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Since it takes special tools and experience to properly clean smoke damage, you’ll need to call a residential restoration service provider to clear your home of soot. But before you call, check your homeowner’s insurance policy, as most providers cover this kind of restoration.

Have your furnace inspected.

Puff backs can be caused by a mechanical issue with the equipment. To prevent further puff backs, have a heating specialist inspect and repair your furnace.


Touch or breathe soot.

Soot can be extremely hazardous to your health when inhaled, as it contains a variety of toxic components and carcinogens. Limit movement and keep individuals out of the home until the problem is resolved. As you protect your belongings, cover your mouth and nose with a face mask. Additionally, throw away any exposed food.

Try to clean surfaces.

While it’s fine to take steps to shield items from smoke damage, you shouldn’t try to clean surfaces. Standard cleaning supplies will not remove soot and may only cause particles to settle in further. Instead, wait for a SERVPRO Franchise Professional who specializes in smoke and fire damage restoration to clean the area.

Increase air circulation.

You may be tempted to turn on a fan or open windows to eliminate smoke, but increased air circulation will only spread particles. To keep the problem contained, try to keep airflow to a minimum.

When furnace puff backs occur, SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties offers fast, thorough, and affordable restoration services. Equipped with specialized cleaning products, our Franchise Professionals minimize smoke damage in your home and eliminate stubborn odors. 

SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties serves Ocean City, Wildwood, and surrounding communities in Cape May County as well as Vineland, Millville, and surrounding communities in Cumberland County. To request assistance, call 609-624-0202 to reach a specialist 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Vital Home Maintenance "To Do" Tips for Fall

9/26/2019 (Permalink)

Whether you live in Ocean City or Vineland, New Jersey - these vital home maintenance tips for Fall will help you protect your most valuable asset.

  1. Check the Insulation in Your Attic - and Install More if Needed. Proper installation keeps your home warmer in winter and cooler in the summer!
  2. Automate Your Thermostat & HVAC System. A smart thermostat sets a comfortable temperature when you are home adjusts the temperature accordingly when you are not home.
  3. Check Outlets and Power Cords. Don't be a statistic from the 4th leading cause of home fires. Take a walk around your home and inspect your cords, outlets, and surge protectors. Replace anything that is frayed. See burn marks around an outlet?
  4. Use Coca-Cola to Clear Clogged Drains. If you don't have the necessary chemicals to unclog a drain, you might be successful with Coke! Open a 2-liter bottle of Coke. Pour steadily into drain. Allow foam to subside and continue pouring until empty. Let sit overnight. In the morning, run hot water for 5 to 10 minutes to rinse. Repeat the process if necessary. It's the phosphoric acid in the Coke that will eat through the clog (imagine what it's doing to your teeth)!
  5. Change Your Air Filters. Replace the air filters in your HVAC system so it runs more efficiently. A $10 filter can not only save wear and tear on parts like fans and blowers, but can save you thousands on repair costs!
  6. Clean Your Refrigerator Coils! Often overlooked, cleaning your refrigerator coils can eliminate about 70% of service calls! Do you really want to hand your utility company up to $10 monthly because dirty coils are causing your fridge not to run efficiently? Invest in a cleaning coil brush and use it to clean your dehumidifier and air conditioner coils, too!
  7. Check for Air Leaks Around Windows. Here's a way to save some real money on your energy bill! Run a simple candle test - wherever two different materials meet (windows, doors, etc.) - hold a lit candle and slowly move it around the frame to see if it follows a draft. Simply caulking around these leaks could save you up to 15% on heating and cooling costs. In a pinch, use weather sealing tape instead of caulk.
  8. Gutter Cleaning is So Important! Leaky and clogged gutters could cost you thousands of dollars and become a nightmare. Clogged gutters can cause water leaks in your roof or water damage to your home. Let's not forget how much pests, rodents, mold, and honeycombs love your clogged gutters! Cleaning gutters is easy but dangerous work - so don't be afraid to invest in a professional, as your savings will be worth that cost.
  9. Clean Out Your Dryer Lint Vent. Corral those lint bunnies! They look harmless, but they love to snuggle down in your dryer vents and lint traps. They multiply like rabbits and before you know it, they are built up in your vents and possibly cause a fire hazard as well as limit your dryer's efficiency.
  10. Maintain Your Sump Pump. Most sump pumps have water level or flood alarms, usually battery powered, that alert you if the pump is not working properly. Although they are quite reliable, regular maintenance is a good idea. Spend a few minutes every couple of months when heavy rains are in the forecast to ensure your sump pump is operating reliably.
  11. Water Heater Flushing. Regularly flushing out your water heater is an important task. Depending on your model, aim to flush your water heater every one to three years. If your heater is old and has never been flushed, it may be a good idea to hire a professional. If not: 1) Turn the thermostat to OFF. 2) Turn off gas line or electricity to the unit. 3) Turn off cold water supply. 4) Turn ON hot water tap in a sink or tub. This prevents a vacuum from forming in the system while draining the tank. 5) Connect a garden hose to drainage spigot. Turn on spigot and drain entire tank. 6) Once drained, turn cold water supply on to flush tank. Look for water coming out of hose to be clear and free of sediment. Simple right? When done, follow the steps in reverse order to get your system back up and running!
  12. Use LED Light Bulbs. LED light bulbs are about four times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and last for many years.

We hope these tips help you to plan easy and efficient options for protecting your most valuable asset - your home!

Storm Damage? Call us for Board-Ups!

9/23/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage To Your Cape May County Home? Leave the Hassle of Board-Ups to the Franchise Professionals at SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties.

Whether the damage was caused by fire, storm, or other structural disaster, boarding up damaged property is a burden that no one should ever have to go through - especially if it is your property that has been damaged!

Boarding up damaged property the wrong way could cause secondary damages such as moisture or animal intrusion, making the situation even worse than before you tried to board up. The process of boarding up after a storm can be as dangerous as the damage itself.

SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties can board up the damaged property quickly and efficiently and mitigate and remediate the original damage, providing you with peace of mind while helping to make it, "Like it never even happened."

We serving Ocean City and The Wildwoods and surrounding communities in Cape May County. We also serve Vineland and Millville and surrounding communities in Cumberland County. Call 609-624-0202 when you need emergency board up services. We're Here to Help 24/7!

Water Damage & Mold in Ocean City Rental

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

Being a Landlord in Ocean City and Cape May County can be Risky.

Your property must be in good market condition, but that means you have to rely on tenants to be on the lookout for things that could go bad before they actually do. 

Failure to spot warning signs usually means that, at some point or another, there is going to be a disaster.

Unfortunately, tenants are not as mindful about your property as you would be for a simple reason; it’s not theirs!

Recently, SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties had an opportunity to assist in such a situation. In this instance, as in many projects we’re involved in, not only did we work with the property owner, but we also worked with the insurance adjuster, and the tenants in order to resolve the issues satisfactorily. This is one important way of ensuring that our slogan is always true; we work hard to make you feel "Like it never even happened."

Are you currently facing a mold challenge of your own?

We’d be happy to send our team out.  We guarantee your satisfaction. Want proof? See any of the testimonials on this site or view any of our recent videos.

Convinced and ready to roll? Call 609-624-0202 and a Franchise Professional will be happy to help!

FREE CE Seminars for Insurance Professionals!

9/13/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties is hosting two Continuing Education Seminars for Insurance Professionals.

Licensed in Delaware, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania? Join us for our free CE Course and complimentary dinner:

Property Fire Damage Restoration - 4 Credits
Instructor: Barbara Jones

DE Course #57313
NJ Course #505645
PA Course #122728

Registration & Dinner: 5 - 5:30 pm
CE Course: 5:30 - 9:30 pm

Tuesday, October 8th
NJ Motorsports Park, Millville


Tuesday, October 29th
Marquis de LaFayette, Cape May

For details, please contact Minerva via email. 

These classes will fill up fast - so, don't be left out! Please register today!

Water Damage? We're Faster To Any Size Disaster!

9/7/2019 (Permalink)

hardwood and carpeting with water standing Water intrusion in this home resulted in floors buckling and caused permanent damage to carpets.

Flooding and Water Emergencies Can Happen at Any Time. SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties is Here to Help 24/7.

We provide emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays. 

Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Flooding and water damage happens very quickly with not as much water as you think. Water quickly moves causing possible damage as it covers your floors, walls, ceilings or personal belongings. Getting their faster makes all the difference when the clock is ticking and standig water exists in your property.

There is a Water Damage Timeline that is important to know.

  • Within minutes water can spread and cause further damage.
  • Within 24 hours, walls can begin to breakdown and belongings can show signs of water damage. 
  • After 48 hours, mold and mildew may be growing and spreading, causing further damage to doors, windows, and personal property. Serious biohazard contamination is a real possibility.

The longer you wait to start restoration, the more likelihood that you'll spend more time cleaning and restoring and spending more money, too. Avoid the unnecessary cost of waiting...

If You Need Emergency Services, please call a Franchise Professional at 609-624-0202. We're faster to any disaster and make it, "Like it never even happened."