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53ft Commercial Project Trailer

53ft Large Loss Trailer Full of Equipment

We have the know-how and equipment to handle any loss. SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties is faster to any size disaster! Call us at 609-624-0202 because we're Here to Help® 24/7!

Restoring Your Business With Little Down Time

The owner of this gym had a pipe burst which flooded the entire room, all of their machines, and equipment. SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties provided 24 hour emergency services and worked with the insurance agency to clean and restore everything back to preloss condition.

The owner was very pleased with how fast our crew cleaned and dried the area so they could re-open for business with as little down time as possible.

So if you ask yourself, Why SERVPRO®? This story is a good reason, along with these other important factors:

  • Award-winning training
  • 50 years of experience
  • Exclusive cleaning products
  • Specialty cleaning services
  • Certified by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration

We're Here To Help 24/7 - call 609-624-0202.

No Job is Too Big or Small!

SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties responded to a large commercial loss with 1-2 inches of standing water and about 10,000 SF of warehouse space. Luckily, they had their inventory on pallets which avoided damage to their products. We're Here To Help no matter what size job or what time of day!

Pipe Burst in a Church

A pipe break in the attic of this church caused a messy situation throughout the whole building! SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties was on the job to clean up the situation as quickly as possible, so that the church could return to its regularly scheduled activities.

Retail Store at Cumberland Mall Suffers Water Damage

This retail store suffered from a water loss when temperatures dropped below zero. SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties responded immediately for clean up to extract the water and dry the area to get the business back to normal conditions. 

Winter Storm Flooding

When storms strike in Cape May or Cumberland County call the Franchise Professionals at SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties to clean up the damage. Whether it's Snow, Wind, Rain, or Fire we are Here to Help! 

Water Leak Turns Into Mold

A water leak from the storage area down to the garage ceiling, resulted in not only water damage but mold as well. The home owner called SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties to remedy the situation, and make sure their home was ready and safe for the summer season!

Neighboring Fire Leaves Smoke Damage

A neighboring fire left a significant amount of smoke damage in this family's attic. SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties was on site to help clean the mess up as soon as possible. 

Biohazard Clean Up

Local grocery chain called SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties when an in-store incident lead to needing a urine clean up. Our crew arrived at the job soon after, and the job was finished quickly with minimal disruption to the store. 

Tarp Job

When the house next door caught on fire, the siding on this home began melting off leaving the frame exposed. SERVPRO of Cape May County was on the job to clean up the mess, and prevent any additional damage from occurring. 

Cape May County Chamber of Commerce

We are proud members and supporters of the Cape May County Chamber of Commerce. Co-owner, Barbara Jones, serves as a Director for the Chamber and is involved in many committees including organizing the successful Women in Business Conference.

Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce

We are proud members and corporate sponsors of the Greater Vineland Chamber of Commerce. Franchise Co-owner, Barbara Jones, serves on the Board of Directors and belongs to several committees. The Vineland Chamber is the oldest & largest business organization in the area.

Storm Damage

When mother nature strikes, and the storms roll in, know that SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties will be the first on the scene to begin the clean up, and get everything back to working order.

Continuing Education Seminars

Continuing Education Seminars for Insurance Professionals

We provide Continuing Education courses for insurance professionals licensed in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. We offer a variety of courses starting at 2 credits up to 4 credits. Our repeat attendees tell us how much they enjoy the learning format and interacting with other attendees, and the instructor, Barbara Jones.

Leak in Laundry Room

A leak in the laundry of this condo left the garage ceiling falling down. SERVPRO of Cape May county was called in to quickly clean up the damage caused by the leak so that this family could enjoy their home again.

Leak From Upstairs Neighbor Damages Ceiling and Walls

SERVPRO of Cape May & Cumberland Counties arrived on-site in less than an hour after this home owner called, due to a leak in the upstairs unit leaking into theirs. The leak caused damage to the walls and ceilings. 

Oh My Mold!

This home owner called SERVPRO of Cape May County after discovering a large percentage of their bathroom covered in mold. The mold also spread outside of the bathroom and into the hallway. Luckily, we were able to mediate the situation and soon their bathroom looked like new!

SERVPRO of Cape May County is Always Here to Help!

This homeowner had to experience a devastating loss in their home during January 2016's Storm Jonas. The customer did not realize the how much there was to clean up and dry until they attempted to do so on their own at first. Once they realized they needed a professional restoration company to come to their come they automatically thought of SERVPRO of Cape May County. The professionals at SERVPRO of Cape May County had the home cleaned, sanitized and dried in 3 days! The homeowners were very happy that we were to restore their home "Like it never even happened."

Flood Waters Over Take Shore Restaurant

In January 2016 Storm Jonas sent flood waters throughout homes and businesses. This business was one of the unfortunate ones that were affected. The carpets were saturated and covered in silt. Their bathroom and storage room was also affected. SERVPRO of Cape May County restored this restaurant in just 3 days!

Flood Waters Rip Out Insulation in Crawl Space

This is one of the many summer homes affected by Storm Jonas in January 2016. The homeowner did not know there was damage until they arrived at the home about a week later. Flood waters intruded the crawlspace tearing down the insulation and leaving standing water behind. SERVPRO of Cape May County went on site and extracted the water out of the crawlspace, removed the insulation and then replaced the insulation. The homeowner was very pleased to have all the services done by one company. They said it made the process much easier and less stressful.

Storm Jonas Leaves Many Homes in Shambles

This home was the customers summer home and after Storm Jonas came through Cape May County in January of 2016 this customers neighbor called her and informed her that 8-10inches of water was entering her garage, foyer, and bonus room. The customer called SERVPRO of Cape May County immediately. Our crew went on site and cleaned, disinfected and dried the home. We try and make the process as easy as possible for those going through a devastating loss.

Refrigerator Leak on Your Hardwood Floors?

This homeowner came to find her subzero refrigerator leaked all over their beautiful hardwood floors. The customer did not want to remove the flooring, so SERVPRO of Cape May County did everything they could to restore the floor and "Make it Like it Never Happened." The homeowner was very pleased with the work our crew provided with the limitations they had set.

DVD Player Unexpectedly Catches Fire

This homeowner had their DVD catch on fire; leaving their home full of soot and smoke. The homeowner poured a pot of water over the fire to put it out; leaving the home with minimal water damage but extensive smoke damage. As you can see in this photo the ceilings were covered in soot. SERVPRO of Cape May County went to the home cleaned everything in the home and also placed an air scrubber to eliminate the smoke odor.

We're Always Here to Help

This customer had a completely finished basement with a game room, music room, and office. The homeowner had a water conditioning company replaced the filter in their brine tank in the basement. Unknown to the company and the homeowner the brine tank started to leak once they changed the filter. The tank leaked over night leaving behind a couple inches of standing water. The professionals at SERVPRO of Cape May County went onsite and extracted all of the standing water, disposed of all affected contents and then began demolition. SERVPRO had this basement cleaned and dried in just 5 short days. The customer was very please with the work we preformed and with how quickly we had our crew and equipment in and out.

It's the Water you Don't See

This home had a pipe break on the second floor. As this is the customers summer home it was not caught in enough time and the water ran through the ceiling and the walls causing massive amounts of damage. Since the water had been sitting for an unknown amount of time mold also had started to grow.

Once the homeowner arrived at their home and noticed all the damage she immediately called SERVPRO of Cape May County. As our team started the demolition in the home the more water and mold they found. Our crew took out all the wet materials and dried the entire home. This was a very large home with extensive amounts of damage. The demolition and drying process took just 8 days.

Winter Freeze = Frozen Pipes

All too often we see summer homes have water damage because of frozen pipes. This home had a pipe freeze over the winter and caused extensive damage. The drywall on the ceiling started to buckle from the water. SERVPRO of Cape May &Cumberland Counties arrived on site and immediately started demolition of the affected materials, then began the drying process.

If you have a summer home, it is highly recommended to keep the heat on a low temperature to avoid frozen pipes.

Mold in your office?

This commercial building contacted SERVPRO of Cape May County when they were removing paneling and came across excessive amounts of mold. Our crew went out and remediated the offices. The manager was very please with our services and that their employees have a healthy work environment.

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

This hotel contacted SERVPRO of Cape May County to clean their dryer vents before their busy season kicked in. Our team cleaned all of their dryer vents in the hotel to keep their hotel safe for their residents.

Fire Restoration & Air Scrubbers

An air scrubber is used after a fire to remove particles, gasses and chemicals from the air. These machines draw air in and pass it through a series of filters to remove any contaminants.

Dryer Fire

This customer's dryer caught fire spreading soot throughout the house. SERVPRO of Cape May County went on sit and cleaned the affected areas in the home along with the contents. The customer was very pleased with the work we did and how fast we responded.

Fire & Water Damage in a Local Resturant

This restaurant had a hot water heater that caught fire. Luckily the fire was contained to the kitchen, but their sprinkler system went off causing them water damage on top of their fire damage. SERVPRO of Cape May County went on site and had the fire and water cleaned up in a week. The owners were please to have their business back up and running in such a short period of time.

Roof Tarping After a Fire

This was a vacant summer home that had caught fire. The homeowner received a call from the fire department at midnight telling them that their home had caught fire and it was contained. The homeowner called SERVPRO of Cape May County as soon as the scene was released. They asked us to go out to tarp the roof and the side of the house so animals could not get in until they came down on site. SERVPRO of Cape May County immediately went on site and tarped up the home.

Have a leak that you were unaware of?

This customer was away from him home for 2-3 weeks and when he returned he discovered extensive mold throughout the home. When he originally called us, the source was unknown. Our Production Manager and Rebuild Manager went on site to assess the loss and learned the hot water heater had been leaking. The damage was very extensive; most of the contents in the home were also covered in mold. SERVPRO of Cape May County is there for you in your time of need!

What's lurking in your ducts?

This customer bought a home and after a few short months they noticed mold around their vents. SERVPRO of Cape May County went out and did a duct cleaning which consists of cleaning all supply and return ducts, cleaning of all the grills and registers, applying anti-microbial to the duct work and lastly sealing the duct work. SERVPRO recommends having an HVAC cleaning once every 2-3 years.

Have a seasonal home and come down to find a devastating disaster?

This customer came down to their seasonal residence to find that they had a pipe from their hot water heater crack over the winter. Steam just kept flowing from the crack and over an extended period of time ended up “steaming” the home and causing massive amounts of mold. SERVPRO of Cape May County responded and completed mold remediation and restored their home just in time for them to enjoy the summer in their home.

Have mold in your crawlspace? We're here to help!

This customer had a condensation line that was not properly placed in their crawlspace leading to excessive mold. The team at SERVPRO of Cape May County were called out to remediate the crawlspace and make it “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Cape May County Wins First Place!

SERVPRO of Cape May County won first place in the commercial division at the West Cape May Christmas Parade! The staff had tons of fun working on the WINTER WONDERLAND float! It was heartwarming to see the crowed calling out for us and cheering for our float. We would like to thank everyone at the office who was involved in this project, and special a special THANK YOU everyone who came out to West Cape May to enjoy the parade!  See you next year!

SERVPRO of Cape May County Office Pups

We love animals and currently have three rescue dogs who live in our Cape May County office. Krew, Milo and Dozer clock in by 8 a.m. and love spending the day with us! By 5 p.m., they are ready to clock out and go home with their parents. They try not to get into too much trouble, but there are times we wonder, who let the dogs out?

Every year, we run an animal shelter promotion where the revenue from a percentage of residential cleaning services is donated to the Cape May Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. It's our way of providing a great work environment and giving back to the pets in our community.

Project Thanksgiving Annual Turkey Drive

SERVPRO of Cumberland County and SERVPRO of Cape May County is proud to partner with the Salvation Army in volunteering for Project Thanksgiving's Annual Turkey Drive. Last year, turkey drive donations provided meals to over 1,300 needy families. Pictured here is Minerva Alvarado, Marketing Coordinator, accepting a turkey donation at the Lincoln Shop Rite collection point.

Run for the Fallen

Each year active duty military personnel from joint military bases in the area embark on a 188 mile run that honors every New Jersey service member killed in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, New Dawn, and all Wars and Conflicts.

Each mile is dedicated to a New Jersey Hero and their family. The run team stops at each Hero Marker presenting a flag to the waiting loved ones. Truly an honorable memorial we are proud to support.